Why Mulberry?

Mulberry Waldorf School in Kingston is part of an educational community of 2500 schools and kindergartens that circle the globe. One of the largest and fastest growing educational approaches in the world, Waldorf schools have supported students in over 70 countries for the past 90 years. View stats on North American Waldorf graduates. While each Waldorf school is independent, all share an approach that is fundamentally unique.

Founded in 1995, Kingston’s Mulberry Waldorf School has developed a fully accredited curriculum from Parent-Infant through Grade 8. This education from a deeper perspective is an education for life:

  • We teach children how to think creatively to solve problems
  • We help children develop a personal connection to the world, community, nature and self
  • We help children become centred, having confidence to pursue life with purpose

Mulberry Waldorf School’s deeper perspective is built upon these foundations:

  • Academic Integration
  • The Right Thing at the Right Time
  • How to Think, Not What to Think
  • Appreciation of Individuality
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Experiential Learning
  • Commitment to Culture & Community

See Mulberry School’s Parent Handbook for more particulars about our school


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