One of the founders, Sandy Sellers and the Sunflowers

The following individuals were involved in the founding of the Waldorf Initiative Playgroup that became Mulberry School in 1995, and Mulberry Waldorf School in 2010. You will notice that many of these people continue to play a vital role in the life of the school.

Nancy MacMillan
Carlina Heins
Sandy Sellers
Kris Colwell
Julia duPrey
Pierre duPrey
Katharine Smithrim
Isi Spielman
Ellen Collins (inaugural teacher)
Charlotte Schurer (inaugural teacher)

A Short Biography of Mulberry School

Mulberry School began as a Waldorf Initiative playgroup in 1993. In 1995 we were incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization, and in 1996 we moved to the former Glenburnie West School, located just outside the city limits. We had plans to buy this two-room country schoolhouse, however the presence of leaking underground oil tanks prevented this. In 1999 we arranged to lease the former St. John’s Catholic School, in downtown Kingston. A series of short-term leases, then a five-year lease, offered time to grow and stabilize our pedagogical and administrative foundations. Being downtown also provided us the ability to expand enrollment and be part of a lively and culturally supportive neighbourhood. The lead class graduated in 2008, the same year that we attained Developing School Status within AWSNA.

Our search for a permanent home spanned almost five years. Eventually, between the spring and the fall of 2009, we negotiated the purchase of our present school building.
We are now engaged in a Capital Campaign to raise money to pay off our mortgage and secure the financial stability of Mulberry Waldorf School into the future.

For a more detailed history of Mulberry Waldorf School, please see Mulberry Waldorf School Biography

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